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Samar Aramin

Position: PhD student





Dana Reichmann, PhD
Position: Principal Investigator
Phone: (+972) 2-658-6952
Fax: (+972) 2-549-4011


Rosi Fassler

Position: PhD student






Meytal Radzinski

Position: PhD student




Tal Oppenheim

Position: PhD student



Yarden Kaufman

Position: MSc student



Elya Goldberger
Position: MSc student


Two Q-Exactive Plus and one HF Orbitrap Mass Spectrometers 

Position: 24 / 7 working fellows

One of them is a specialist in the HDX methodology 



Former students

Thomas Hombarg - a visiting student, currently  is a Ph.D. student at Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Germany

Jan Schumann- visiting student, currently is a Medical student in Germany

Tal Arian - a BA student, computational biology program, currently is serving as a captain in IDF

Adi Alajem - lab manager,  currently is a lab manager at the Oren Ram lab, HUJ 

Alek Hanafi-Metwalli - MSc student at the University of Serbia, Belgrad, currently is a research assistant in Bordeaux Hospital University Center, France

Ohad Suss -  MSc student, the Mada excellence  program, currently is Ph.D. student at the Weizmann Institute, Rehovot

Smadar Tabenkin - MSc student, the Mada excellence program, currently is a researcher in a biotech company

Ohad Yogev - Post doctoral fellow, currently is a researcher in a biotech company 

Katerina Doleckova - Post doctoral fellow.  

Reshef Mintz - MSc student, currently is  PhD student in bioinformatics 

Mor Goldenberg - MSc student, currently is a researcher  in a biotech company

Tal Shaked - BA student in the computational biology program, moved to Hi-tech industry  

Oded Rimon - MSc student, currently a PhD student at the University of Cambridge, UK.

Tal Ram - BA student

Yarden Yesharim - BA student, currently is a MSc student in the Tel Aviv University

Dr. Nufar Edinger - Post doctoral fellow, currently a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University

Ravit Mesika - MSc student, working in bio-tech industry

Yair Rokach - MSc student , currently is a PhD student at the Dr. Asleh lab, Hadassha Medical School

Samar Aramin - PhD student , currently is a senior scientist in the Point6Bio company, Jerusalem






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