September 2018

Rosi is attending the structural MS workshop in Finland

Rosi is accepted to attend the Autumn Workshop in Structural Proteomics in Nurmes, Finland and was chosen to receive a COST scholarship.

Nov, 2017

Samar was awarded the Neubauer doctoral fellowship

Samar received the prestigious Neubauer doctoral fellowship! Great job 

May 7th,2017

Rosi and her team won a prize for the best reserach proposal

At the Structural Mass Spectrometry meeting Rosi and her friends proposed how to use MS to protect humans against radiation during a potential travel to Mars. The team received 1000$ prize. Great job!

February 2017

Meytal is attending a workshop in France

Meytal is attending a workshop in France dealing with experimental approaches to study protein plasticity and intrinsically disordered proteins. 


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